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can make a difference one life every day alex over 300 lives by changing here. >> And that’s more than I could say. I was doing something as tory strives to taylor brighter times for students with the club. >> She’s hopeful her own experience overcoming mental health challenges will be the thread that ties it all together in tampa was buckled. Spectrum news. >> The goal is to establish a mental health club in all schools in hillsborough county with each school club, having a teacher and student representative. For more of your health news, any time visit our website bay news 9 dot com. >> All right. Who did to guests for this throwback picture? Course, it’s our very own brought to his soonest. Looked the same, right. What’s great is that? >> This first grade in my tag line. Back then. Good morning and good like we said, we could do this all day and we well and the idea which of our spectrum, bay news, 9 reporter is this. >> Your morning news presented by chevrolet and your local chevy dealers. >> Good morning. I’m george around and I’m ready as soon as this is your spectrum news in 90 update. Groups across the state will be discussing florida’s new guidance on african-american history today. This morning, the tallahassee branch of the naacp will speak out against prager u being approved as an alternative curriculum. And this evening state senators from south florida will hold a town hall on the new standards. >> The polk county sheriff’s office is hosting a job fair today at their operations center. The department says all qualified applicants will get a conditional job offer right on the spot. They’re also offering additional benefits for law enforcement officers who transfer from other agencies. >> No set to release its yearly update on the atlantic hurricane outlook today. It will host a briefing to discuss current and future atmospheric and oceanic conditions and their effect on the remainder of this hurricane season. August historically marks the start of the peak of storm season with most major hurricanes developing through october. Those are some of the stories we’re following for you. Here’s a look at your klystron 9 forecast. >> I’m meteorologist juli marquez. Temperatures are soaring into the 90’s. Again, very similar to yesterday. St. Petersburg at 94 degrees. Inverness. 95 brandon, 96 degrees and same thing in winter haven today. Some isolated showers and thunderstorms will develop. But the rain chances going to be on the low side again for this time of the year. If you’re at the beaches today, high temperatures top out about 90 or 91 degrees, but a westerly wind means high humidity. The sunset city, 13.