BCNN1 | An Open Letter to All Pastors

May these bring encouragement and remind us we are all in this ministry life together.

Dear Fellow Ministers,

In recent weeks, I have felt the need to write a special letter to you.

Speaking at a convention on Monday night and in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, and spending time with other ministers recently, has reminded me of how much ministers need encouragement. Also, hanging out with some of our Cross Church School of Ministry residents has reminded me of some basic things it is important for all ministers to practice from the beginning of our ministry.

Therefore, from my heart to your heart, I share these things with you. May they bring encouragement and remind us we are all in this ministry life together.

1. First, put Jesus first in your day. Start your day early with God, and if early is not your deal, at least start your day with God first. Yes, first things first. If we do not begin our day with Jesus, then we forfeit the privilege to lead His people. Please begin your day with God; otherwise, defeat in life and ministry will become normal for you. Minister of the gospel, remember this: Deepen your walk and God will expand your influence.

2. Second, renew your belief in the power of God. The same God that saves you by grace through being born again by His supernatural power is the same God alive today in your ministry and life. Embrace the power of God! He can do anything, any time, anywhere, with anyone. He can do this with you and through your church. Refuse to dissect what He can and cannot do. Receive what He is able to do with you and through you. Begin to teach and preach about the power of God to your church. They need to begin to believe again.

3. Third, bring prayer back into the worship services of your church. Get beyond the “Bless me” prayers and into calling out to the God of Heaven to manifest His presence to the people of God. Weekly, call out to God before your people. Pray for the sick. Pray for the hurting. Your entire church needs to hear you pray with both confidence and conviction. At times, move your people to pray together in groups around the room. At other times, call them to their knees in humility. Pray for revival to come to the people of God and for the next Great Awakening to occur in America. Prayer always precedes great works of God.

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