BCNN1 | Jeff Hunt on I Raged Too, Then I Met Jesus

There are multiple groups active during the protests that are taking place in cities across America. Primarily, there are those peaceful protestors that are seeking to have their voices heard, justice enacted, and society improved. I applaud the peaceful protestors. As a family, we have participated in MLK Day marches and pro-life marches both locally and nationally. Speaking freely and assembling peacefully for justice are core principles to our country’s founding.

A second group, however, are those who rage by spray painting monuments, destroying property, and vandalizing whatever they can. I’ve been a part of this group too.

In my middle school years, angry at the injustices of the world and fueled by music from Rage Against the Machine, I vandalized property, spray-painted the sides of houses, and sought to destroy the power structures around me. I thought capitalism was evil, the police were fascists, and I hated that my parents were successful.

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