BCNN1 | Pray, Think, Vote: Nationwide Campaign Challenges Christians to Get to the Ballot Box

My Faith Votes is getting Christians out of their church pews and to the ballot box. 

This non-partisan, religious movement launched a nationwide campaign to saturate Christian airways and televisions with a simple message — pray, think, and vote.

“This is by far our most ambitious attempt to date at reaching America’s 90 million Evangelicals with the message that their vote in this year’s election truly matters,” said Sealy Yates, founder and president of My Faith Votes, “Our televised PSAs are in 95 percent of America’s TV households, an unprecedented achievement.”

The message is both timely and desperately needed. With election day just weeks away, My Faith Votes wants to mobilize a segment of the population that has historically sat out elections.

Forty to 50 million Christians, many of them evangelicals, failed to vote in the last elections, according to a study by Barna Group. There are more than 82 million practicing Christians in the country, meaning almost half didn’t practice their right to vote.

My Faith Votes is doing more than just urging Christians to get to the voting blocs, they are also making the voting process as simple and easy.

“‘My Faith Votes continues to chart a new path, engaging evangelicals at a grassroots level, and reminding them that they have a moral obligation to vote,” said Johnnie Moore, national spokesperson for My Faith Votes.  “But, that’s not enough. We’re also focused on providing them with information, tools, and services to make voting more convenient.”

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