BCNN1 | Ronnie Floyd Offers a Biblical Perspective on the Refugee Issue

Passion is high in America on issues relating to refugees. The pundits, politicians, and even preachers are weighing in. How do we find our way through these complex issues?

As followers of Jesus Christ, what is the balanced, biblical perspective? If we do not look at it biblically, we enter into dialogue without authority and clarity.

Three Practical Realities

There are three practical realities that are inescapable. It is imperative we understand these or we will get lost in the complexity of the issues.

Consider these three realities:

Love the Refugee

The Gospel of Jesus Christ moves me to call on all of us to demonstrate compassionate action toward the refugee. We need to honor and respect them individually for their God-given dignity. However, their long-term future in our nation is a political issue, not a spiritual one.

Fix the Immigration System

In prior writings about these issues, I have mentioned that negligent leadership and political polarization has now resulted in this American crisis. Our immigration system is not working. Otherwise, we would not be where we are today.

Immigration is a political issue and it needs to be addressed by our nation seriously and immediately. Therefore, this is not in the hands of the Church, but in the hands of our elected leadership. Justice and fairness in relationship to the law must be considered along with compassion and mercy toward all persons.

Pray Diligently

We must pray for our nation and for our leaders to come together and resolve this issue, both short-term and long-term. The lives of people are at stake. The security of our nation is at stake.

Where Do We Go from Here?

When we address this sensitive and challenging subject, our goal should be to see the issues through biblical lenses from God’s perspective. Articles and talk show hosts may be helpful at times, but what God says is more important than what anyone else says about it.

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