Black News Tonight With Marc Lamont Hill

upset.. >> Yeah I think first and foremost when we look at critical race there I want to say there are a few things that I agree with when it comes to the theory that erases race is a social construct. I think that should absolutely be being taught to children from a young age because that’s an important lesson. The fact that kids don’t have ah unitary identity that they can have intersectional identities attached to them. I think that’s important but I think parts and tenets of critical race theory that are getting into schools. Is the idea of whiteness as an identity or that racism infiltrates every fast off society or even the statement that whiteness is property that kids can own and used as a sign of power and privilege and. I think when you teach that to specifically young children it can be extremely divisive eyes a young black child in this I agree this is anecdotal. Was taught that life was going to be different for me by virtue of being a black female and I harbored a lot of that divisiveness in my mind a lot of that hatred in my mind and I did. Directed towards white students and. I think it can be harmful to teach children those tenants. >> So I push back a little bit just one just clarifying point that the idea that professor cheryl harris had around whiteness. Is property wasn’t teach that whiteness is something that should be used as a property and well. I think we would all agree that that would be problematic but to talk about how in american life whiteness can function as property. It could be something that we have a cz george lipschitz said a possessive investment and people use whiteness is property. People think about whiteness and trade whiteness in everyday conversation and lean on it. Ah good example might be is that we could be the boys. Talked about in black reconstruction this idea that you know the white worker should want to end slavery too because as long as there are enslaved people they will be priced at the market. They’ll never get living wages. If there’s a person working unpaid but many times the white worker would be invested in whiteness and closing ranks around their whiteness inside with the planter of the bosses the slave owners slaveholders rather than the slaves because they were closing ranks around their whiteness in that way that’s sort of an early way of thinking about whiteness as a form of property so. >> They’re actually would argue that we shouldn’t be doing that right so I think the key oftentimes is distilling from the from the top down this. >> Information in a way that doesn’t sort of misrepresented. But I actually write you raise another interesting point not around sort of. >> Race. Is a social construct I think we all agree with that but this idea that by virtue of being in your woman that somehow your life is unavoidably going to be different than someone else’s experience. Tell me why that’s not true.. >> Ah I just first for first foremost to address the whiteness part I don’t think you can attach a certain characteristic to a group of people simply because they are white I don’t think that every white person has theobald ity to use their whiteness as property or some sort of power or privilege over another minority or marginalized group and as far as it pertains to my identity and being ah black female and I’ll say a half black female. I don’t think there is anything attached to my quote unquote blackness that has to do with outcomes that I’m going tio come in contact with in my life I’ve led a very successful life you’ve led a very successful life we both happen to be black and as far as my life is concerned there were no barriers or structure set in place. There’s no legislation set in place for me there is no societal expectations set in place for me that has held me back in any way during my education or during my career and I in fact grew up in a very rural white conservative area in flight rita as a young black radical leftist and hadn’t no issue. >> So let’s let’s look at a few things when you say that there are no structures or barriers that. >> Would limit your ability to thrive or succeed in america I think it would be problematic to presume that because you have a good outcome. But that means that that you had a that the structures are there just means you could have succeeded despite those outcomes now you know not because they don’t exist but when you look at things for example differential sentencing in power in a drug policy when you look at the fact that even when we control for racing class when we control for class and schools we see different outcomes in school performance from black versus white children. When we look at suspension rates and expulsion rates among black and white students black students are overrepresented even for the same acts. Not just you know not just the blank eyes doing something worse. There’s. >> A bunch of stuff going on actually let me take a break because I want it. I want to. Ask you this question probably I don’t want to rush you into an answer so let’s take a break. When we come back I want to make sure that we have finished our conversation from enjoying talking to you ever stay right here? I wanna continue my discussion with critical race theory with the prager u personality and conservative influencer amalia manabe don’t