Kanye West isn’t scared to show off to everyone that he’s going through spiritual transformation. A lot of people are reacting to the rapper’s journey and, while some are skeptical about his recent acts, many are still supporting him.

Opinions regarding West’s spiritual transformation differ. Some think he’s doing it to gain more attention and boost his popularity, but his supporters think he’s a changed man now. The rapper is open to the public about his acceptance of God’s love, as well as mercy and Jesus Christ as his savior.

Yet, his pop-up Sunday Services made others think not to take his endeavor seriously. For instance, Michael Che of the Saturday Night Live said the rapper is becoming an “old white.” He also compared the old and the new West when it comes to the type of music he listens to, song lyrics, and outfit. Then, he jokingly asked how long would it take for the rapper to change his name to “Kathy.”

But, it seems like West isn’t bothered by what other people think of him. He wants to let everyone know how Jesus changed his life. In a report via the CBS News, the outlet cited rapper’s interview with Apple Music’s Beats 1, where West told Zane Lowe that his job is to spread the gospel and tell everyone what Jesus has done for him.

Kanye believes that his life changed back in April after he asked Jesus to become his Lord and Savior. He also shared his past experiences, where he was called “crazy,” health issues, and people not wanting to sit with him. After some time, he made a big decision and uplifts everything to God. The rapper, then, confirmed he is now at peace.

While some people think his spiritual transformation is a joke, many are still supporting him and take him seriously. American author and pastor Greg Laurie, for instance, showed his support to West. The pastor talked about the rapper’s journey on Twitter, saying he applauds any person that makes any movement towards God and he wants to encourage them rather than criticizing them.

Nigerian rapper Skales also shared on Twitter that West is the “greatest artist” ever. He praised West for making music about the gospel and considered him as his hero and thanked him for making him develop himself. Recently, West released his ninth studio album “Jesus Is King” and it follows a Christian theme, with the rapper describing it as an “expression of the gospel.”