Catholic Online | ‘What God Wants to Hear’ – Famed ‘Journey’ keyboardist Jonathan Cain releases solo Christian album

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) – Cain has struggled with his Christian faith, but recently reconciled with the Lord and just released a solo album called “What God Wants to Hear.”

The album was released October 21 through Identity Records.

Since he was a boy, Cain believed he was called to ministry, but in 1958, a fire swept through Our Lady of the Angels School, forcing several students to jump from fifth story windows.

As a third-grader watching the reports of 92 children dead and three nuns, he questioned what sort of God would allow such an atrocity.

“I was dead set on being a priest,” Cain admitted to TheBlaze.

“I was praying to Jesus hard that afternoon, ‘Please, let these children out,’ you know, and it wasn’t to be and they got trapped upstairs and 100 of them perished. So I was a little disillusioned. How could Jesus let that happen?”

Cain left his faith that day and it took several years for him to realize God was present, even in the midst of the horrible fire.

“Years later, I believe Jesus cried with us,” Cain admitted. “I don’t believe he had abandoned us at all.”

As an older teenager, Cain returned to Christ during an alter call at a Baptist church but his faith wasn’t awakened until recently.

When he met Paula White, the senior pastor of the New Destiny Christian Center in Orlando, Florida, he felt something “supernatural” between them.

He was traveling with Journey when their paths crossed aboard a Southwest Airlines flight.

The two hit it off and Cain knew there was something different about her. He later realized it was the presence of the Holy Spirit calling him to the Lord.

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