CBN | ‘A Ladder of Opportunity to the Future’: Trump Promotes Pathway to Jobs for Ex-Offenders

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump invited the “best in the country” to the White House for a round-table to discuss a number of ways to help ex-offenders re-enter society as “productive citizens” while maintaining public safety.

“It really is at the highest level government, private sector and Faith partnering together to say we want to make a difference in humanity and life,” said Paula White.

“We want to ensure that those who enter the justice system are able to contribute to their communities after they leave prison,” the president told reporters, noting that many “struggle to become self-sufficient after they exit the system.”

Also attending the meeting was Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, who highlighted the need for rehabilitation and assimilation back into society, saying that we must keep in mind “95 percent of everyone who is incarcerated will be released.”

The round-table also included Gov. Sam Brownback, who pointed to his home state of Kansas where he says the recidivism rate has been cut in half for those who partake of the “private person-to-person mentoring programs.”

“You engage that faith community in mentoring relationships, and what we’ve seen is reducing recidivism rate in half,” said Governor Brownback. “We want to see that they change their lives for the better.”

Trump explained that the country has “a great interest in helping them turn their lives around.”

He suggested a three-prong approach of job training, mentoring and drug addiction treatment, saying with these things in place, “We will provide a ladder of opportunity to the future.”

“What an incredible time first for the President to take ownership and really take not just interest but be very proactive,” said White.

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