CBN | ‘It Is an Outrage’: Rod Parsley and Pastors Group Tour Border Facility, Call on Congress to ‘Fix This Crisis’

Pastor Rod Parsley and a group of US pastors from the National Hispanic Leadership Conference (NHCLC) just toured a border facility near McAllen, Texas, and they’re calling on Congress to address the situation at the US-Mexico border.

Parsley, the founder and senior pastor of World Harvest Church, said he left the facility on Friday outraged over Congress’ inaction to deal with immigration problems on the US southern border for the last 30 years.

He said it’s time for Washington to act, and act quickly.

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of NHCLC, echoed Parsley’s call, saying it’s Congress that must bear the blame for the system they have created.

“While it is true that every presidential administration — this one or the previous one, notwithstanding — can (and must) do more, it is ultimately only members of Congress who can fix the broken system they created,” he said.

“Republican and Democratic members of Congress must stop deflecting their responsibility to the White House, and they need to do something, yesterday. This, by the way, includes members of Congress who are neglecting their legislative responsibilities in order to run for president. Congress has created an immoral, dysfunctional system that incentivizes human trafficking and denies dignity to those who deserve it the most. It is an outrage,” he said.

Tony Suarez, executive vice president of NHCLC, reminded those attending that Ronald Reagan was the president of the United States the last time Congress did something on immigration.

“This is not Donald Trump’s fault, this is not Barack Obama’s fault — this is a failed Congress and Senate that fails to act, yet they use this issue to be elected into office every single election, and then while in office they do absolutely nothing,” he said. “We The People that have elected them to be our surrogates, to be our voices, need to hold them accountable. It is time that if they will not respect and reflect the values of We The People, then they should no longer serve We The People.”

Parsley also reminded lawmakers for whom they work.

“Our wait is over. You will either solve this crisis, or you will no longer have our vote to have the opportunity to fix this crisis,” he continued. “Enough pointing the finger, enough blaming the other side of the aisle. Get off vacation and come fix this crisis or stop using it for your political gain.”

The pastor also noted the people he saw were being treated very well.

“And I can tell you I have been in many prison facilities across the United States, state and federal. I have never seen a better facility than this facility. So, what you’ve heard is not true,” he explained. “These people are being cared for. We talked to several of them. All of them said, ‘I’m happy here. I’m well treated here. I’m fed here. I’m clothed here. I’m safe here.'”

Parsley praised the men and women of the US Border Patrol for their work.

“The staff and the men and women that I met today are doing an overwhelmingly incredible, godly job in this very difficult situation,” he added. “They’re doing it with grace. They’re doing it with compassion, and I’d like to thank the border agents who accommodated our visit here today. They’ve dedicated their time, their talent to serve this great nation, and they deserve all of our thanks and a commitment to support them. They do not need our condemnation.”

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