CBN News | Anti-Semitism Prompts French Jews to Immigrate to Israel Despite COVID-19

JERUSALEM, Israel – Despite lockdowns and heavy travel restrictions, Israel welcomed 140 new immigrants from France at Ben Gurion Airport on Monday evening.

“The Jews of Europe and the rest of the world are currently facing complex challenges, and every Jew should know that the gates of this country are still open, even during an emergency or crisis,” said Israel’s Minister of Immigration and Absorption, Pnina Tamano-Shata.

“The Ministry of Immigration and Absorption will accompany the olim(new immigrants) in their first steps towards integration into Israeli society because only together are we stronger,” said Tamano-Shata, herself an immigrant from Ethiopia.

She greeted the newcomers at the airport and said Israel is expecting more than 10,000 olim in 2020.

“I congratulate our brothers and sisters from France, who are Zionists and full of love for this country, and who today, realized their dream of making Aliyah and uniting with the people living in Zion,” she said.

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