CBN News | COMMENTARY: I’ve Made my Plans, but the Lord Determines my Steps

I’ve often been asked how it felt to learn I had cancer. “Were you afraid?” people ask. Absolutely! I was desperately afraid. There’s no disputing that. Was I afraid to die? No. I’m not afraid to leave this life, although I’m not eager to do so either. A good bit of my fear focused on losing precious years with the people I love. Some of it was simply about pain. Some of it was about the unknown.

How would you respond to the news that you were suffering from a possibly fatal disease? Imagine the thoughts and feelings that might flood your heart at such a time, and you’ll know the same things I experienced. Let’s examine a few of those feelings.

1) Vulnerability

Most of us live under the illusion of invulnerability, particularly when we’re young— particularly, too, I think when we’re male. Men enjoy the illusion of controlling their own destiny. We determine our own fate (or perceive we’re doing so) by acting and taking things into our own hands. We feel we’ve got it all figured out, and everything is under control. Look us up fifty years from now—we’ll be playing with our great-grandchildren. We’ll live forever! We live in the illusion of invulnerability.

The first thing a serious crisis does is burst that pleasant bubble. Suddenly everything we’ve believed about life seems to be shattered. Our lives are in chaos just when everything seemed to be in such fine order. Psalm 71:7 says it this way: “I have become as a wonder to many, but You are my strong refuge.”

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