CBN News | Rick Warren Appoints Freed Prison Inmate As Pastor At Saddleback Church

Rick Warren appointed former prison inmate Danny Duchene as pastor over Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. He will lead the Mercy Ministry, a program that ministers to those that are incarcerated.

Duchene was nearly 20 years into his double life sentence when he first encountered Pastor Rick Warren, through his bestselling book “The Purpose Driven Life”.Duchene shared his story during the commissioning ceremony, which was a part of the church’s “The Miracle of Mercy” Campaign.

“My life was out of control. I robbed, and stole, and hurt others because I chose to please myself,” he said. “I was reckless and never worried  about getting caught for my crimes, and I certainly didn’t consider the consequences to others. I was only thinking of myself. All this came to a crisis when I was part of a crime in which two men were killed.”

Duchene was charged with a double life sentence at the age of 19.

Duchene says that during that time in his life he hit rock bottom but that God in his mercy sent Christians to share the Gospel message.

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