CBN | ‘The Birth of a Miracle’: Journey’s Jonathan Cain on His New Christmas Album and Christian Faith

WASHINGTON – Jonathan Cain of the band Journey has released his first Christmas album, Unsung Noel, which he told CBN News was inspired by his Christian faith.

“I wanted to explore Christmas and sing about what hasn’t been sung about. I wanted to look at the unspoken things about the nativity and the birth of Christ,” Cain said in a one-on-one interview with CBN’s Jenna Browder.

Unsung Noel includes several Christmas classics as well as originals.

“I want to take people on a journey rhythmically and melodically,” Cain explained.

And that’s definitely something he knows about!

Some of Cain’s most popular songs include “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Faithfully.”

He still tours with Journey and actually wrote Unsung Noel while on the road this summer.

“The Lord kept giving me more and more ideas,” Cain said. “So while I was out there I was just constantly writing. It was just a flow and I looked up and it was ten songs I had.”

He called it a “God’s wind in your sails” kind of experience.

Growing up Catholic, Cain first encountered Jesus as a young man through a Baptist minister but he says it wasn’t until he met his wife, Pastor Paula White, that he started to fully live it out.

“She’s just fearless and I love that about her and she’s taught me to be the same way,” he said. “We love the Kingdom and we want to make the world a better place.”

The two travel the world together and consider themselves inseparable.

White has gained additional notoriety recently due to her role as one of President Trump’s top faith advisors but it’s not the spotlight they seek.

Cain says it’s about spreading the Gospel.

“I choose my music to connect people with God and that’s kind of my mission today,” adding that it’s also his main reason for releasing Unsung Noel. “I hope it inspires people to really think about what we’re really truly celebrating. It’s the birth of a miracle.”

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