CBN | Trump vs. Twitter: The President Pushes Back as Conservatives Say Social Media Is ‘Weaponized’ Against Them

WASHINGTON – To some it may seem the conservative vs. social media war is just beginning, but it’s been brewing for years.

Take conservative media mega house Prager University. Its videos have been viewed 3.4 billion times and counting, nearly four million people follow the group on Facebook, but a recent Facebook notification handicapped the organization.

An independent fact checker had flagged one of Prager’s one-minute videos.

The video exposes a widely viewed video of an emaciated polar bear as a deception promoted by climate change activists.

Facebook calls it fake news and to punish Prager it’s limiting distribution of its posts in news feeds.

“What Facebook is doing – they’re trying to keep their hands clean – and they’re using these third party fact checkers to be the truth tellers and determine what is true and what is not, so unfortunately it’s very easy to weaponize this and to target organizations like us at Prager U,” Craig Strazzeri, Chief Marketing Officer at Prager U, tells CBN News.

This comes just days after Facebook appointed the first 20 members of its new Oversight Board. Only five members are American and that’s raising red flags since the board has signaled an intention to adopt global, not American, norms on free speech.

“If you’re going to pass judgment on American free speech then have Americans do it. It’s still gonna be problematic, it’s still gonna be a huge problem because it’s gonna be dominated by leftists, but at least in theory they’re grounded by the Constitution, not something that came out of Slovakia,” said Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, during a recent press briefing.


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