CBN | While Students ‘March for Our Lives’, Others ‘March for Eternal Life’

Why is there so much social unrest in America and how should Christians respond? Watch Gary Lane’s interview with First Baptist Church Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress for some insights. 

This Saturday tens of thousands of people are expected to march on Washington, D.C. to demand Congress enact tougher federal guns laws. They are calling the demonstration “March for Our Lives.”

On Palm Sunday evening in Texas, members of First Baptist Church of Dallas will gather for a rally of their own.

They’re calling it “March for Eternal Life.”

Pastor Robert Jeffress explains thousands are expected to gather in downtown Dallas with a lit cross “to say boldly to the entire nation that we believe the ultimate hope for America is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Jeffress said his church and other Christians do not oppose people marching on Washington to try to end the epidemic of violence in our country.

“Certainly legislation may be part of the solution, but it’s not the ultimate solution,” said Pastor Jeffress.

“We believe what’s needed in America to change people’s behavior is a change of heart and that only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

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