CBN | You May Not Have Heard of This Executive Order, But You Likely Know the Name of Someone it Will Help

Pastor Paula White-Cain says one of the most significant executive orders signed during Trumps presidency has gone largely unreported.

White-Cain is the chair of the evangelical advisory board for Trump’s administration. In an op-ed for Fox News, she said her role allows her a unique “vantage point” to see the very real progress being made for average Americans.

Unfortunately, that progress does not always make it to the public – as is the case with a recent executive order aimed at reducing poverty.

“The overarching goal is to help those Americans who have fallen out of the workforce once again find gainful employment, as well as ensure those who really need assistance are able to receive it,” White-Cain wrote in the op-ed.

She says the Church should know about this action because it’s pastors who are, “so often on the frontline of economic and financial hardship.”

“We spend our days serving many of the people we often hear about in government welfare statistics,” she wrote.

“As a pastor, I also see firsthand that financial hardship is often the result of some unforeseeable life event like a heartbreaking divorce, an illness or an accident, or even a death in the family. Nobody is immune – it’s just life, and it happens to us all. But at church, we don’t just help you when you’re down, we also get to celebrate when that single mother finds a good job and achieves financial independence,” White-Cain continued.

She went on to explain that the president’s executive order also prioritizes and promotes marriage and family as a way to escape poverty.

“If there is an intact marriage or other family members around to help, people stand a much higher chance of achieving financial independence. These relationships will now be given priority as a person’s first and best option for receiving help,” White-Cain writes.

Beyond helping on the local level, according to White-Cain, the order reverses the decades’ long national trend of over expanding welfare enrollment.

“Reducing able-bodied adults enrolled in the system will help break through bureaucratic backlogs and delays that plague so many of our government assistance agencies,” she explains.

White-Cain says some of the concepts addressed in this order form the very foundation of true social justice, they’re also concepts that work.

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