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that, whoa it is just flying by I feel like we say t get made fun of it too but resilience I feel like people mpathizing with us understand. So — all right, good morning, everyone. Let’s live in the moment right now look at this glorious sunrise over santa monica, happy saturday, every, made it to the weekend you know what? Temperatureso start the day really nice we are feeling mid-60s, out toward lax, 60s 70s to start off the morning, once into this afternoon, temperaturesittle bit warmer than we felt past few days, so we are forecasting 85 degrees across l.a.,nge county, thisafternoon. And upper 80s into sunday. Changes our way starting next week, so, specifically monday, tuesday you will see return of monsoonal moisture thunderstorm chances back into the forecast we talkbout it coming up for now back to you. Rachel: thank you there is a going on in your world todaere is your socal eye-opener, outrage gardena a popular street vendor shot to deat manhunt for his killers. Nichelle: housing he homeless in hotels right beside paying guests, next step in the contrsial plan. Rachel: help on the way for kids in needed be class, we are live in o echo park ahead of the back-to-school dash, to top story deputies arell searching for two men who shot and killed a vendor in gardena ae family, friends held in honor of him he was shot a popular fruit vendor avenue known as with defeated family man loved to bring young daughter him. >> Very, very nice guy, he worked hard for family his wife and hter. You know, the daughter was the world for him sheas daddy’s little girl, accompanied him often here at the where he sold the fruit. Very good guy, just a tragic event very, very sad. >> Deputies are asking anyone with inforon to call to homicide bureau. Rachel: votesecide if hotel-motel owners in los angeles will have forced to house homeless in vacant rolls alongside payings guests the L.A. city council to, pass an ordinance requiring hotels house homeless they put it plat for voters to decide in 2024. Hotels and motels forced to house homeless for fair market value with fees to be paid by t city. >> Homeless next to a guest. Ofpaying guest- no — will know to stop coming to l.a.. Everybody is not mentally ill you need a p or help, hotels have empty rooms will help. >> Hotel worker union supported measure they say, many, many members cannot afford a place to live. >> Can you believe it, almost back-to-school time in l.a.. >> Ninth year o dodger pitcher kershaw dre center giving kids a chance with free backpacks cbs2 is live at dream center people are already lining up lauren. . Reporter: rachel since 2:00 this morning can you believe that I — I mean the lean getting longer as minutes go on here, now, I want to give you a view what is going on a big maco much to see. But first, I want to introduce kelly the director of the dream center thank you so muchfor joining us this morning, so tell me about the dream center he philosophy. >> Been around almost 30 years heart to help people who have mostn need, those that are really needing a hand up, kind of out of e, of distress place trouble pivoted did mobileood line in covid this is one fate of e of year bless families going back to school give people a really, a day where they don’t have to worry don’t have to think about anything can just have fun. >>everything, that is available for the families theschool supplies donated; right? >> Yes, we partnered with kershaw’s challenge, amazing partner every year clayton kershaw hisfoundation, coming in providing 3500 backpacks we