CBS 8 San Diego | Local churches pray for peace in wake of the fatal police shooting of Alfred Olango

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – Several local churches Sunday, including the Rock Church in Point Loma, dedicated sermons to the healing process following the shooting death of Alfred Olango.

Several dozen of them came together Saturday morning in El Cajon in a rally for peace and Sunday they continued that message after days of unrest.

The fatal police shooting of Olango happened during a confrontation at a strip mall near Parkway Plaza Tuesday, September 27. Days of protests followed, culminating Friday with the release of witness cell phone video.

“It’s easy to be divisive. People have a right and understandably have different opinions, but can we go about this in a loving way to where we can love and pray for those who have different opinions,” said Pastor Miles McPherson, who is with The Rock Church.

Pastor McPherson dedicated a portion of his sermon to the shooting. And, part of the stage was split reflecting the divide in the community.

“I really pray this doesn’t happen again and I pray that we can receive from God love for one another and penitence because our country needs incredible healing right now,” continued Pastor McPherson.

Several of the protests at the end of the week turned violent as police declared them unlawful assemblies and many parishioners hoped the Sunday sermon could start the healing process.

Five peaceful rallies were held in San Diego and El Cajon during the day with many asking for justice and understanding.

“Everyone has a desire to go home to spend time with their family and be able to have a future and it’s my hope the dialogue and narrative within the country will change and people will start to see people as they are instead of bringing incipit bias to interactions,” said parishioner Willis Butcher.

Still Butcher says the shooting forced him to again have a discussion around the dinner table.

“I look like a lot of the people who have had negative experiences even fatal ones with the police.  Each time this happened the conversation has to be had in my home as to what the potential dangers are and what my responsibility is to get home and educate my children that they don’t live in a world where they have the benefit of making mistakes,” continued Butcher.

As of this report, there are no other organized rallies planned for Olango.

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