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bath. It feels like 106. We didn’t the middle part of the day when we got the storm, and now we are back up through the triple digits. There is the calendar . Doesn’t that look like july? Almost the entire month above average except for that one friday when we were at 91. One record high in three weeks left . We will see how we are going. No significant changes . Temperatures will be steaming the next few days . Still feels like up to 110 degrees. We will likely get another advisory for tomorrow. Notice, we have lost the excessive heat warnings. We will have a better shot at staying , not in several hours of heat tomorrow. We talk about the extending — the heat advisory for the weekend. 92 degrees right now. Still feels like it is in the 100s. 104, fort lauderdale. Storms have cleared up nicely. That is dropped the temperature to the middle part of the day. If you are planning anything outside tonight, I think we are looking good. Rain tracker depicting the rain as a strong easterly wind has taken over moving toward the west coast. Whatever game you are heading out to tonight, looking at steamy conditions. Temperatures in the 90s still. About 85 degrees as we head to 10:00. For the weekend, we split the weekend in two. The higher rain chances coming up for sunday with 60% coverage. I think we will manage plenty of sunshine on sunday as well. We I will time that out and let you know what to expect in a few minutes. >>> I think people were already looking for some type of action to happen so we can put our voice behind what we see is happening within the state of florida in the department of education. >> There is an element that is inaccurate. There are some elements that are offense. To throw out the baby with the bathwater would suggest that all of it is bad, the is disingenuous. >> Tonight, a conversation in a call for action over controversy black history curriculum approved by the florida department of education. Education commissioner manny diaz jr. Was supposed to appear on the panel, but he backed out the night before. >> Joining us to discuss the issues, our very own jim defede . He was there last night. Last night’s event, as a time when we are seeing a political battle overwatch we talked in florida schools. What you see happening here? >> Reporter: in a lot of ways, what we have seen , this is the fruition of what we have seen over the last couple of legislative sessions. We had the so-called stop woke act. We have the so-called “don’t say gay”. The department of education are writing new rules. I came up with an african american course , african american studies course that suggestive might’ve been certain benefits to slavery for african americans in terms of skills that they may have learned that they could use later. Ron DeSANTIS talked about it being , for instance, becoming blacksmiths and helping them later in life after they stopped being . This, of course, is part of the santos’ appeal , that he is trying to run for president. He has made a cornerstone his education reforms here in florida, and specifically , he repeatedly uses one phrase over and over again. He says, in florida, we are focused on education, not indoctrination. If you said it once, he ascended at least 100 times in the last year. I have heard in state multiple , multiple times. But then something interesting happened last week. Last week, the department of education approved for use in florida classrooms a series of videos from prager university. Let’s be clear, prager university is not an accredited college, not an accredited university. It is a right wing group led by conservative radio talkshow host dennis prager. Dennis prager says he makes these videos, and this is what they do for the very purpose of indoctrination. I want to play you some sound that dennis prager in a speech he gave to moms for liberty just last month in philadelphia. Let’s play that. >> All I heard was, because you indoctrinate kids . Which is true. We bring doctrines to children. That’s a very fair statement. I said, but what is the bad of our indoctrination? >> Reporter: so, I will show you some of the videos that the state of florida has now approved using in florida classrooms. It’s a series of videos produced by prager university, again, not a real university, it’s a khartoum series in which two characters, two young children go back in time and visit historic figures . I’m going to play you in a second their conversations with christopher columbus , and they ask him about slavery because , you know, some of the teachers in the classroom suggest that maybe christopher columbus wasn’t as great a character as