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numbers slipping. Other gop candidates seizing on the slowdown in momentum and taking aim at the census focus on culture wars. We’ve beat the woke in the schools and the corporations and the bureaucracy government to santis. Wants to tell all of us. What books we can read. What things we can teach. In south carolina only about 13% of gop primary voters preferred to santa, says the 2024 republican nominee that is a crucial primary state at next month’s republican presidential debate. All candidates will have the opportunity to put their best foot forward and it could shift the playing ground even further. We’re live in the satellite center joe roetz seven news 19. Tonight a conservative nonprofits as florida has approved the use of their teaching tools and videos in public schools. But as the 19 jessica holly tells us now that has some voicing concern. Craig are you kids is now in florida school. Prager u with an announcement on twitter tuesday as its teaching materials are now approved for use in florida public schools, but the curriculum comes with controversy, among other things . That conservative nonprofit has been accused of downplaying systematic racism. Here’s the first thing you need to know slavery was not invented by white people. Prager university foundations website states, it offers a free alternative to the dominant left wing ideology in culture. Media and education. We have seen that our schools have been by the left and now a move to the right by the florida department of education that falls right in line with the stop woke act signed into law in 2022 by governor ron desantis dr marvin dunn, a well known black historian and author tells the miami new times florida’s new black history standards are an invitation to disaster in the classroom, he adds. We’re being told that slavery wasn’t that bad that it was every place else. That the slaves didn’t have it all that bad. I just see this as being extremely chaotic going forward because black parents are not going to stand for this. A spokesperson for the florida department of education tells seven. It was determined the prager u material aligns to florida’s revised civics and government standards. It will be up to each district to decide if prager you will play a role in the classroom in the fall, and we did reach out to miami dade county public schools and broward county schools to see if they planned to use prager u in the coming school year. Miami dade, telling us their curriculum is still in the development stage, and we’re still waiting to hear back from broward county reporting in miami, jessica holly seven news 19 proposal to significantly raised teacher salaries in broward county public schools over the next few years, was narrowly rejected tonight by the school board. The 19 scale. Levy is live in fort lauderdale. With more on the vote and reaction, gail well, this is obviously disappointing for teachers in the district. But ultimately the board wasn’t ready to make some of these costs without taking a further look into it, but now they’re trying to make up some more time and find out how they can make those costs. Okay early tuesday, it looked like broward public school teachers might soon be enjoying a bigger bite out of the district’s budget. Apple there’s a real competition for talent out there, and I want broward to be the first county in florida to pay teachers $100,000 by 2025 school board member, dr alan zemun proposed to start the race process tuesday. He said there’s room in the budget. He just needs one half a percent to fund the razors. But in a vote tuesday night, the board didn’t buy it fails. I have four motion fails . 544 didn’t have the will to do it in two years. They didn’t have the will to do it tonight. They didn’t have the will to take some of the reductions that would have allowed us to pay teachers $100,000 a total compensation in two years to vote. No today wasn’t shocked because there’s no real plan on how to get there. Not all hope is lost for brower teachers getting to that 100 k pay. Another motion came up for the newly appointed superintendent, dr peter lakota, to take a deeper look at where budget cuts can be made. I think when you really get to the nitty gritty and you analyze that, then the board can make a healthier decision moving forward technology right away. We’re going to look at programs that were buying. That may be only using a couple schools he’s got until january to get his homework done and come back with a plan to raise all district employees salaries. It’s going to be challenging to do the work, but the public needs to know we are going to make our entire staff the highest paid if we can work to do and making sure that he gives the right direct to the right people to stop coming out with some bogus. Run around and be fruit forward about the budget of where the money could come from. And the