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remarkable progress days after shooting himself. Seven sheldon fox is live at the hospital in tampa with an update, sheldon new information belkys nerey. It’s mostly good regarding the progress of the police director. We’re happy to report that he is said to be talking. We’re not sure what he’s saying. But we’re told he is talking and he does not have brain damage. Some bad news is that he has lost the function of one of his eyes. That’s according to the police benevolent association. This all happening now as he recovers in the hospital and in critical condition. Tampa general hospital is where the head of miami dade police remains critically injured with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the face. And so the prayers touch step pain can be felt from the bay area to south florida and beyond for a family man and public figure domestic problems between miami dade police director freddy ramirez and his wife, jody, or what officials say initiated the near deadly trouble. Ramirez was here at the tampa jw marriott for a sheriff’s conference but clashed with his wife at the hotel before being asked to leave. Some of the shocking details heard over police dispatch audio w. After the hotel incident, the couple drove southbound on 75 headed back to miami pulled off the side of the road down around the riverview exit. That’s where responding, cops say the leader of florida’s biggest police agency, ramirez shot himself his wife called 911, her wounded husband rushed to the hospital where he went into surgery. Seven news sources say he’s expected to survive. Investigators are conducting interviews, identifying witnesses and obtaining any video evidence to help us piece together the events as the florida department of law enforcement leads an investigation into sunday’s events in tampa. We’re told miami dade’s mayor remains here in a show of support, along with the county’s newly named interim police director, stephanie v. Daniels this as the south florida community hopes and prays for its police director. Freddie is a walk with me through so many situations. Even my own. Personal situations of wanting to give up. He’s a great man has done a lot of great things for the community, and we are just absolutely shocked miami dade police stating wednesday. Director ramirez continues to positively recover post surgery, he continues to receive outstanding medical care in tampa, surrounded by his family loved ones and m dpd brothers and sisters. Thank you to our community and law enforcement family for all your prayers, support and strength. So what happened on sunday evening between the incident at the j. W. Marriott between the police director and his wife and when the police director drove onto I 75 with his wife in the car, pulled over and then shot himself. There’s a miami herald report that suggests that he did call the mayor before that shooting. And was likely to discuss what would be an embarrassing situation with the mayor. He brought up that situation to the mayor on the phone. According to that report. We did call the mayor’s office requesting whether that can be confirmed and to discuss the situation with the mayor in a one on one interview, we’re still waiting on a callback from miami dade county officials on that one will keep you posted. For now, we are live in tampa sheldon fox seven news. Also this evening now that the state board of education has approved revised standards for teaching black history group whose lessons were approved for the curriculum is raising eyebrows and concerns and seven’s jessica hollywood might be in school board headquarters with tales now, jessica it’s called prager u, a nonprofit organization that provides educational videos for children. But some say the lessons in those videos are dangerous and have no place in the classroom. Craig are you kids is now in florida school. Prager u with an announcement on twitter tuesday as its teaching materials are now approved for use in florida public schools, but the curriculum comes with controversy, among other things . That conservative nonprofit has been accused of downplaying systematic racism. Here’s the first thing you need to know slavery was not invented by white people. Prager university foundations website states, it offers a free alternative to the dominant left wing, ideology and culture. Media and education. We have seen that our schools have been by the left and now a move to the right by the florida department of education that falls right in line with the stop woke act signed into law in