Charisma | Jentezen Franklin: 10 Reminders When You Doubt Your Anointing

When we are at our weakest, we are still anointed. The example of David in 2 Samuel illustrates that time after time, whether David was on the run fleeing Saul, or deep in the grips of sorrow, he never lost his anointing.

You may feel weak right now as you navigate this pandemic, but the anointing is still upon you and you still walk in God’s power, because you are still His child.

You will experience seasons where you feel weak, but it does not change the authority you have in every situation. Weakness and divine anointing stand together.

10 Things to Keep in Mind When You Feel Weak and Doubt Your Anointing

  1. God’s greatest purpose is on its way to your life when you are at your greatest weakness. His greatest marvels come when you find yourself in utter weakness.
  2. God’s people have winters and summers. It’s possible to go through difficult times and even times of suffering and still carry a powerful anointing.
  3. The Bible is filled with people with little faith that God used mightily. You can be weak on particular days but God does not give up on you. There are countless times in Scripture where God’s people felt overwhelmed in the moment but found victory when God delivered them.

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Jentezen Franklin is the senior pastor of Free Chapel, a multi-campus church. Each week his television program, Kingdom Connection, is broadcast on major networks all over the world. A New York Times’ bestselling author, Jentezen has written 10 books, including his most recent, Acres of Diamonds, along with Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt, Fasting and Right People-Right Place-Right Plan.