Charisma News | Believers Gather to Bathe Election in Prayer Days Before Election

Throughout the nation, believers gathered in person and online to cover the weekend before the election in prayer, interceding for God’s will to be done. The tens of thousands participating prayed for His peace and mercy to reign in the nation in the aftermath of the election, and for believers to arise and vote for godly principles to be upheld in our government.

National Prayer Summit

The National Prayer Summit, an online streaming conference held Friday and Saturday, included presentations by numerous well-known faith leaders.

Cindy Jacobs encouraged believers to take hold of their identity as co-laborers with Christ against the powers of darkness: “We are training for future generations to come.”

Pastor Ché Ahn relates the shakings in history with the end times and a coming revival with the revivals of years past, showing how we can learn from history. “We have not really seen a tremendous move of the Holy Spirit since 1994,” Ahn said, noting that America is part of the second global shaking where every nation is being impacted by COVID-19.

James Goll spoke on the dangers of seeing God and the Bible as “just another piece of great literature” and encouraged viewers to truly know God, instead of just knowing about God.

Alveda King’s prayer covered hot-button issues of the nation, and issued a powerful call to action: “Lord, COVID is under your feet, in the name of Jesus,” she said. “Your Word is very clear, Lord, on how we should proceed. Let those who have the opportunity and credentials to vote, vote without fear and get to vote according to Your Word and according to Your promise.”

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