Charisma News | Dr. James Dobson: The Upcoming Election Is a ‘Point of No Return’

Every four years, when Americans head to the polls to choose our next president, it’s easy, and frankly common, to label each election as “the most important in our lifetime.”

However, given the unprecedented nature of this current presidential contest, that statement is finally proven true. Each candidate proposes radically divergent visions for the future of our country, making 2016 a great turning point in the history of America.

What hangs in the balance is not only who will occupy the White House, but the many down-ballot candidates and initiatives, our constitutional right to religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, the meaning of marriage and the composition and nature of our entire judiciary. This election could represent a point of no return for many of the issues Americans hold dear.

As Christians, we cannot and must not leave the future of our country to chance. I beg you, the American voter, to go to the polls on Nov. 8 and make your voice heard. The fate of the country depends on it. 

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