Charisma News | Rick Warren: 5 Reasons God Will Not Abandon America Now

While many Americans feel the country is rapidly deteriorating, even after the election, Pastor Rick Warren says there is hope yet.

America’s decline is reversible, the pastor says, if residents are willing to do what it takes to right the ship.

In a recent blog post, Warren shared five reasons as to why God will not abandon America:

1. Faith flourishes in bad times. 

“People turn to God when everything else has left them empty, disappointed, and betrayed. Inevitably materialism, hedonism and the worship of self is a dead end. It runs out of steam because God wired us for so much more. America has had two Great Awakenings and many smaller spiritual revivals in our short history. All of them happened in times of difficulty or rapid cultural change,” Warren writes.

2. The millennial generation is asking the right questions about life.

“They are spiritually hungry. They are looking for a transcendent purpose and real community. While media has focused the rise of the ‘nones,’ it has ignored the outbreaks of spiritual revival among this age group across America,” Warren shares.

3. America is still filled with tens of millions of God-honoring people.  

“That’s far more than the ’10 righteous people’ God asked Abraham to find in Sodom in order to spare that city from judgment (Gen. 18:32). Millions of Americans live devoutly for God every day without fanfare—not out of guilt or fear or duty, but in gratitude and love to God for their transformed lives,” he says.

4. The world, as a whole, is becoming more devout, not more secular.  

“The recent Pew Research Center study revealed that around the world the ‘unaffiliated’ group will grow by about 100,000,000 people between 2010 and 2050. But the Christian church will grow by 750,000,000 in the same period—seven times faster—which will actually decrease the percentage of ‘nones’ on the planet,” Warren writes.

5. God promises to hear humble prayers.  

“If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land (2 Chr. 7:14). That should give hope to all of us,” he says.

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