Charisma | Remember Those Who’ve Lost the Most During COVID-19

Earlier this month we celebrated Independence Day. It’s a day devoted to freedom. We light fireworks, a symbol of a battle we fought to overcome oppression, to secure liberty and to maintain our dignity.

Freedom. It’s such a beautiful word and I love talking about it. Here at the Los Angeles Dream Center, we hear time and time again of people experiencing freedom in miraculous ways. Freedom from addiction, freedom from abuse, freedom from homelessness.

Our current situation, in the grip of a pandemic, leads us to believe that some of our freedom is lost. And for some more than others.

Many that made progress before the virus came our way—climbing out of poverty, overcoming destructive lifestyles—are feeling defeated again. In the first three months of our COVID-19 relief efforts, starting back in March, I’ve heard firsthand too many stories of our community losing jobs, loved ones and homes, and it broke my heart to see people ultimately, losing hope.

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