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>> Welcome to China insider I’m David say. This picture mostly peaceful was nothing but a bunch of fire loving kids, right right. You’re told to believe that that’s what happened in 2020 the summer of violence is driven by ideology said attempts to subvert and take over America, Marxism and socialism. The violent takeover of socialist and Communist countries across the world should have been serving as the example for the world to see yet the same things took place in 2020 here in the United States and will return. Joining me today to discuss is doctor Doug de Groote ice is a professor of philosophy at Denver, 7 Eric is also the author of various books, including Christian apologetics at the 2022 Colorado, Western conservative summit. I spoke with doctor Groot ice on his special session related to the ideology behind the riot in 2020. We go into details on Marxism socialism. The lm and the ultimate goal to take over the United States. Doctor dagher Heights, thank you so much for joining us and talking. >> When you’re talking about the 2020 riots, the defining ideology behind it Marxism variations of Marxism what do you think is was there in goal for the violence in the streets. >> Right I think the goal is to destabilize America and to threaten the opposition. So this the riser basically based on critical race theory and that’s a kind of new Marxism or cultural Marxism. It expands the categories of a Presser depression to include racial minorities, so the basic ideas, the establishment or the white majority oppresses people of color and so you have to understand everything in terms of economics and politics in terms of that the press are oppressed relationships and the critical race people think that. Penned this you can challenge this through the institutions as they say the long long march through the institutions. But you also do it by violence. So the idea is that the people that have the people that are successful in society and have property and goods really don’t deserve them because they’ve innocence stolen them from minorities and others most of them the size racial minorities. So the victims or people of color and women and so on and sexual minorities and so those people really have the right to overturn the society as it is so the people involved in these riots don’t believe in the founding American ideals, they don’t believe in freedom of speech freedom of religion. They don’t believe in limited government. They don’t believe the intrinsic human rights and so they went to the streets basically saying. We want to tear it all down. In fact there was a book written on defending looting. And this person went on National public Radio and defended her thesis she said well the people that have a lot of property in this culture have basically stolen it from the board people classic Marxist misunderstanding of the act of economics and reality. So really when you’re destroying their property or stealing their property. It’s justice. And this person was given a free ticket on National Public Radio she wasn’t even challenge for this book in defense of looting. So we saw these terrible riots, looting destruction fire and then you had the mass media most of it anyway, the mainstream media covering for it saying I mean is covering it. Reporting it. But giving excuses things like well, this is a mostly peaceful demonstration when they’re theirs. Flames of fire going up in the background, so yes, you have really most of the academy behind this far-left critical race theory. The mainstream media is behind it much of American public education is behind it. And we saw it with these riots in 2020 that people on the left did not condemn the riots might have taken him a few months to say well it’s a better idea not to do this. The lone exception was John Lewis who was an American senator and he was a. Advocate of the civil rights division in the United States of Martin Luther King and he said don’t go to the streets and riot and destroy things. Vote get organized elect the kind of people you want to John Lewis was on the left politically but he was not a critical race theory person and that’s really more the Americans vision and value is we have a participatory civil government we have the rule of law we have ways of changing society peacefully and America has been a cell-free forming nation now sadly we had to go through a civil war to get rid of slavery. But on the far left and critical race theory. The idea is that America is systemically and intrinsically racist. So you don’t reform something that is systemically broken you have to replace it. You have to destroy it and then replace it it’s so as I said the people holding to