Christian Daily: Christian pastor David Jeremiah says SCOTUS justices more powerful than kings and dictators

Supreme Court justices are more powerful than most of the kings and dictators in the present world, according to Shadow Mountain Community Church lead pastor Dr. David Jeremiah.

During his Independence Day statement, the California-based pastor gave emphasis on the vacant seat left by late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and the other potential vacancies in the high court. The Christian pastor said these vacancies are the reason why Americans must vote in the upcoming presidential elections, The Blaze relays.

“We are a nation of laws, not a nation of dictators, but rest assured these Supreme Court justices who sit on the bench for life wield more power than most of the kings and dictators in this world,” Dr. Jeremiah said earlier this week.

The Christian pastor warned against taking the advice of those who urge American citizens to simply stay home on Election Day just because they are not satisfied with both Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and his Democratic counterpart Hillary Clinton. Jeremiah said 25 million registered evangelical voters did this in 2012, and they should now know better than to do it again.

In addition, Pastor Jeremiah said the upcoming election is not about Republicans or Democrats, but about the American people. He said it is also all about the ability to keep the freedom that they are celebrating every fourth of July.

Jeremiah voiced out specific concerns over the Supreme Court justice nominees, who must have an originalist interpretation of the American Constitution. He said the five potential judges will be the ones who will hold the greatest influence over the court and the country.

Last month, Trump launched another attempt to win over evangelical voters by promising Christians more religious freedom if he would be elected as president. He also vowed to appoint conservative and pro-life justices to the Supreme Court, The Atlantic reports.

Despite his efforts to woo evangelicals, Trump is still unable to win the support of many conservative leaders including Southern Baptist Convention head Russell Moore and Sojourners founder Jim Wallis.

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