Christian Daily | Donald Trump won in election because of Christians, says author Johnnie Moore

President-elect Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 campaign is largely due to conservative Christians’ concern over religious liberty and the unborn, according to author and renowned evangelical humanitarian Johnnie Moore.

In an interview with The Christian Post on Wednesday, Moore highlighted the result of nonprofit organization My Faith Votes’ efforts to urge almost 25 million evangelical voters who stayed home during the previous elections to exercise their right to cast their ballots in the recent presidential polls. He said the believers who were concerned over abortion and religious freedom were the driving force behind Trump’s victory.

During the last eight months, My Faith Votes actively produced TV and radio announcements to reach more than 110 households in the United States. The group also launched a social media campaign showing prominent Christians explaining why and how they voted.

“I think My Faith Votes was one of the three most significant organizations that affected the outcome of this election because they focused on just one thing,” Moore told the Post. “At My Faith Votes, we focused on getting registered Christians to fulfill their moral and patriotic responsibility of showing up at the polls. We didn’t just do that in the last 48 hours. We did that over the last eight months.”

In addition, My Faith Votes conducted more than 20 events, which garnered millions in attendance and online views.

For Moore, the evangelical voice in the United States has never been stronger. Based on exit polls, 81 percent of self-identified white born-again or evangelical Christian voters revealed that they voted for Trump and only 16 percent voted for his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Echoing Moore’s thoughts, The Atlantic says the abortion issue may have been a major driving factor for conservative women and evangelicals who voted for Trump. Despite the release of a video in which the billionaire admitted that he felt he could grope women, these voters continued to support him.