Christian Daily | Journey’s Jonathan Cain to release new Christian rock album

Journey keyboardist and guitarist Jonathan Cain is set to release his solo Christian album titled “What God Wants to Hear” next month on Identity Records.

Cain, who co-wrote the Journey hit song “Don’t Stop Believin,” started embracing Christianity after he met his wife Paula White, who serves as senior pastor at New Destiny Christian Center in Florida. In a video he posted on his website, Cain explained that the album to be released in October is his “spiritual journey put into music,” Religion News relays.

When he was still growing up, Cain had wanted to be a priest. In 1958, a school fire caused students at Our Lady of the Angels School to jump from the fifth story, resulting in the death of 92 children and three nuns. After the tragic incident, Cain had turned away from his faith.

At one point, White asked Cain to lead worship on a cruise. During the experienced, he discovered that he was comfortable singing Christian songs, and this inspired him to write “What God Wants to Hear.”

“The Lord swiftly gave me the lyrics I needed,” says Cain in his video. “I didn’t know what the music was going to be, but the gist of it was ‘Let me sing what God wants to hear, let me praise what God wants to hear.'”

In an interview with Cross Rhythms, Cain shared his desire to lead people back to the Bible through his music. He also revealed that his Journey bandmates are not surprised with this decision to go solo in the music industry.

Cain compared his performance before large audiences with Journey with his role in small church groups. With the rock band, he said he is “simply a supporting member,” but being a worship leader is a bigger responsibility because the role calls for him to go beyond his comfort zone and ask for God’s presence.

Jonathan Cain’s new solo Christian album is set to be released on Oct. 21.

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