Christian Daily | Pastor Rick Warren outlines mistakes Christians should avoid during difficult times

There are three mistakes that Christians ought to avoid during their times of difficulties so they will be able to successfully pull through the trials they are undergoing, according to American evangelical author and pastor Rick Warren.

In a devotional entry on Sept. 20, Pastor Rick Warren discussed the challenges that the Apostle Paul and other prisoners encountered while sailing for Rome, as chronicled in Acts 27. Although Paul had already warned them that they would face a major storm, Acts 27:11 said they still decided to listen to “the advice of the pilot” and push through with their journey.

Taking cue from the story in Acts 27, Pastor Warren said the first mistake that Christians make when they encounter problems is listening to bad advice or to an “expert” who says it is alright to do one thing. Warren said believers should listen instead to what God is saying, especially if it goes against the advice of all existing experts.

Another mistake that Christians should avoid during difficult times is following the pulse of the crowd, as what the prisoners did in Acts 27:12. More often than not, the voice of the majority is wrong, and this is usually what hinders people from yielding to God’s will for them.

Lastly, Christians should not rely on circumstances, as what the travelers did in Acts 27:13 when they took the “gentle south wind” as an opportunity to continue their journey. Not all opportunities and offers that come along should be entertained, and a believer should always need to ask the Lord for guidance.

In an entry published on The Christian Post in August 2014, bestselling author Joyce Meyer reminded Christians that trials and tribulations are part of their life, as Jesus said in John 16:33. However, it is important that they do not lose their faith in the Lord.

Moreover, God rewards the Christians who diligently seek His will and trust Him. The Lord is always in control of every situation, even though humans often see chaos. When Christians fully rely on God in every circumstance, they will be correctly guided in their decisions and will be able to experience the Lord’s peace.

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