Christian Daily | Pastor Saeed Abedini reveals Trump helped his family during prison term in Iran while Clinton did nothing

Iranian-American Pastor Saeed Abedini revealed that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump extended financial help of US$10,000 to his family while he was jailed in Iran for his Christian faith, while Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton did not do anything to help him.

In a Facebook entry on Sunday, Pastor Abedini urged Americans to vote for Trump despite the controversies surrounding him. The Iranian-American pastor said God had used flawed characters as leaders in the Old Testament and He could do the same with the billionaire, The Christian Post relays.

After revealing that he had cast an early vote for Trump in this year’s presidential elections, Abedini said he believes God has anointed the Republican candidate, who is currently going through the process of spiritual growth.

In light of the flak that Trump is getting from the media, Abedini said the Republican may be the Cyrus of the modern times. The pastor slammed those who condemn the billionaire because of his past, saying they have forgotten that their country was “saved by grace.”

“Instead of worrying about others’ spiritual growth, we should humbly come before God in repentance and humility. Then we should trust His providence to raise up leaders who honor Him,” said Abedini in his Facebook post. “Judging is NOT our business; this is God’s business and, throughout history, even through leaders like Cyrus, God has demonstrated that He always does His business well.”

In a commentary on the election posted on Facebook last Sunday, Pastor Abedini said Trump and Clinton’s candidacies reflect America’s poor relationship with God. While many evangelicals oppose the two presidential candidates, the American-Iranian pastor said God would give people a wicked leader if they are also wicked, Christian Today reports.

Like in his recent post, Abedini urged Americans to humble themselves before God so that they can also expect other people to be humble. He said people need to stop judging and address their personal problems instead.

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