Christian Daily | Pastor’s End Times warning featured at New York City’s Times Square

A pastor and best-selling author’s End Times warning is featured this month at New York City’s Times Square to bring biblical encouragement amid the issues of terrorism, politics, and even America.

The End Times warning seen at Times Square is an advertisement for David Jeremiah’s latest book titled “Is This the End? Signs of God’s Providence in a Disturbing New World.” The book asks if the end of America and the world are already near, The Christian Post details.

On Tuesday, Jeremiah said the current headlines in America and all over the world make it easy for people to become discouraged. However,

he said hope can still be found in God.

“It all goes back to Scripture. When you think of ISIS or the resurgence of Russia there are clues in Scripture about what God thinks about these issues,” said Jeremiah. “There is incredible hope in the providence of God; in remembering that His plan is much bigger than terrorism, politics and America too.”

In an interview with the post, Jeremiah’s representative Johnnie Moore said the “Is This the End?” commercial seen at the Times Square was produced by the same team at the pastor’s television and radio ministry Turning Point. The latter is America’s “most widely circulated Christian radio program,” Moore added.

Speaking of End Times, renowned American evangelist Billy Graham’s grandson Will recently said he believes the world is now approaching the end and that Jesus Christ’s second coming may occur in his lifetime.

In a conversation with Christian Today, the younger Graham clarified that he does not really know the exact time when the Lord will come back. But because he reads the Bible, he knows that a lot of things which people thought would never happen are now taking place, and this is a sign that Christ’s coming is looming ahead.

Will Graham acknowledged that a lot of people are nervous about the so-called End Times, and expressed his desire to share the Gospel to other people while there is still time.

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