Christian Daily | Rick Warren assures Michael Phelps that God has a plan for him as he retires from Olympics

In a Facebook post, Saddleback Church Pastor and author of best-selling book “The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?” Rick Warren, congratulated American Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps for his 23rd gold medal at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio De Janeiro. He also assured him that God has a great future planned for him.

“Saw Michael Phelps, #PurposeDrivenSwimmer, win his 23rd gold! I’ve prayed for you each day in Rio. God has a great future for you,” Warren wrote last weekend.



“Getting off the bus and walking to the pool tonight, I pretty much felt myself starting to crack,” Phelps said.

“Last warm-up, last time putting on a suit, last time walking out in front of people, representing my country … it’s insane,” he added.

Warren and Phelps actually have an interesting and meaningful link with each other. Phelps is a big fan of Warren’s book, “The Purpose Driven Life.” It was the book that Phelps said helped him overcome an identity crisis in previous years. He admitted he was on a “downward spiral” right after the 2012 London Olympics, leading to multiple driving under the influence (DUI) arrests and him thinking about taking his own life.

Phelps said that he became an alcoholic because he was “struggling to figure out who he was outside the pool.”

It was “The Purpose Driven Life” that helped him achieve clarity when he was suffering from a psychological trauma and while he was in an addiction treatment center in Arizona. Now, Phelps has bounced back earning his place in the hall of fame and is looking forward to his life after his swimming career.

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