Christian Examiner | ‘God’s Not Dead 2’ soars to No. 2 in DVD sales

LOS ANGELES (Christian Examiner) – This year has not been kind to every faith-based film at the box office, but for DVD sales, it has been a different story.

Three of the Top 10 DVDs sold during the week ending Aug. 21 were faith-based, including the No. 2 spot led by newcomer God’s Not Dead 2, according to data published by Home Media Magazine.The same chart had the faith-based Miracles From Heaven at No. 6 and the combo package of God’s Not Dead/God’s Not Dead 2 at No. 10. (The Angry Birds Move was No. 1.)

God’s Not Dead 2 only had moderate success at the box office, opening at No. 4 and grossing $20.7 million during its run – far short of God’s Not Dead’s $60.7 million. It appears God’s Not Dead 2 could be a bigger hit on DVD than it was in theaters.

Ash Greyson, founder of the digital marketing company Ribbow Media, told the Christian Examiner that Christians are more likely to purchase DVDs than they are to go to the box office – a fact that could impact the future of faith-based films. Ribbow markets films to the Christian audience.

“We know from all our research and marketing that the more devout you are, the less likely you are to go to a movie theater,” Greyson said. “In our research, evangelicals tend to go to only one to two movies per year.”

But that same group buys around 6-10 DVD titles each year, the research showed.

“I think you are going to see a move to more Fathom Events,” he said, referencing a company that places movies in theaters for one night only, often mid-week.

The Insanity of God, a LifeWay film that sold out theaters across the nation Tuesday night, was a Fathom Event.

Miracles From Heaven also opened at No. 2 when it was released on DVD in July.

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