Christian Headlines | Evangelical Leaders Harassed by Rioters following Trump’s RNC Speech

As the 2020 Republican National Convention came to a close on Thursday, multiple attendees and prominent evangelicals were met by profanities, threats and violence from rioters as they were leaving the South Lawn of the White House.

According to Christian Today, Trump’s faith advisor, Paula White, condemned the incident on social media.

“150 faith leaders were invited to be with @realDonaldTrump last night as he addressed the country.  As we left the WH, Marxist, leftists, ‘Wanna be Che Guevara’s’ bullies threatened everyone – women, elderly, no limits! Vulgar! In our face, harassment! NO MORE! Stand up- ENOUGH” she wrote on Friday.

Prior to the incident, attendees heard President Trump accept the party’s nomination for a second term in a 70-minute speech.

In attendance were prominent faith leaders, Pastors Robert Jeffress, Ed Young, Jack Graham, Jentezen Franklin, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Bishop Harry Jackson and radio host Eric Metaxas, among others.

“What happened last night outside the White House was not a protest. It was a vicious mob whose only purpose was to spew hatred and vitriol — even on the elderly and disabled,” Rodriguez said, according to CBN News.

Pastor Johnnie Moore, leader of the Kairos Company, a public relations firm, was reportedly among those who were assaulted Thursday night.

“Violent provocateurs waited for us (and others) outside the White House gates in the city’s jurisdiction, at nearly midnight. Rather than succeeding at intimidating us with their vicious threats of violence, expletives, blasphemous slogans, hatred and intolerance, they simply proved the very points the president made in his speech,” Moore wrote in an email to CBN News.

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