Christian Post: 10 Reflections on Our Time With Donald Trump

What started as an interesting idea to convene 300 Christian leaders in New York for a time with Donald Trump literally exploded in weeks! The interest was so overwhelming that special ID badges had to be made to accommodate over 1,000 who eventually came from all over America.

“A Conversation About America’s Future With Donald Trump and Ben Carson” is now in the books. It truly was an experience in genuine humility and unity at a time when “our country is in trouble” as Franklin Graham stated in his opening remarks.

I personally counted it an honor to personally interact with Rev. Graham and others like David Barton, James and Shirley Dobson, Ben Carson and multitudes of humble servants who came like me to learn about the man who could be our next president. We want to serve our constituencies well by conveying an accurate representation of who he is and what he’s really about.

10 Reflections

1. Dr. George Barna, “the most quoted Christian in America” according to Christianity Today magazine, painted a bleak picture of America’s current state. Words he used: “Disillusionment” …”transformational shift” … “anything goes morality” … “confusion and chaos” … “disengagement” … polarized” and “highly contentious.”

2. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of my home state of Tennessee described the critical House hearings she’s leading to stop illegal procurement and sale of unborn baby body parts. While Hillary Clinton receives the applause and endorsement from Planned Parenthood, America’s primary abortion provider, Mr. Trump told us he is uncompromisingly pro-life and committed to appointing pro-life Supreme Court justices contrary to Mrs. Clinton and the Democratic Party.

3. Franklin Graham encouraged us to look at Biblical leaders like Abraham, Moses, David and the apostles to recognize all of them had major flaws. “None were perfect — only One is perfect, Jesus, and He’s not running for president!”

4. Jerry Falwell Jr. who knows Mr. Trump up close and personal, affirmed the honor and loyalty he receives from his employees and family. Former presidential candidate and governor Mike Huckabee also affirmed these same qualities in Mr. Trump. “Backstage at the debates I saw how real this love and respect was!”

5. When Mr. Trump was asked, “What is so special regarding your relationship with your five children?” he replied, “God blessed them with intelligence but I instilled in them stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.” Donald Trump never partakes of any of these.


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