Christian Post | Advice for my fellow fathers: Seek the Father

This Father’s Day I’ve been reflecting on King David and a few other fathers of the Bible that longed for the Father. Men whose names are taught for generations as stories that inspire courage, humility, strength, leadership and oftentimes what not to do. Our cultures and languages have changed, industry and civilizations have evolved, but the dysfunctions of family and the lessons of the bible stories remain the same.

Psalm 71 is the story of a man in a furnace of trouble who cried out in his distress while the Lord was driving by, so to speak, and raced in to rescue him — as He does for all who call on His name. Who wrote this psalm? We usually find the author’s name inscribed at the top of the psalm. But Psalm 71 is interesting: the author has chosen to remain anonymous. Yet I feel confident it was written by David, who is giving us a kind of sequel to Psalm 70. And there’s a fascinating and quite tragic story to be found in the background if we peek behind the curtains.

There was a time in King David’s life when one of his sons, Adonijah, tried to usurp his throne. David had promised the title to another of his sons, Solomon. So political turmoil and family warfare were all entangled (see 1 Kings 1–2). Some scholars feel that David wrote these psalms during that heartrending time of family discord. Can you imagine it? Here is elderly King David, nearing the end of his life. He has brought the nation of Israel to its greatest peak of power and stability. In the midst of building a dynasty, he has already survived a previous family insurrection caused by his son Absalom. Now his son Adonijah is attempting to steal what has been promised to Solomon. The whole nightmare seems to be recurring. When you read about David’s life, you realize you’ve only thought you had family turmoil.

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