Christian Post: Georgia Baptist Leaders Unite Black, White Churches in ‘Covenant of Action’ to Expand Missions

Two Georgia-based Baptist groups, one predominantly African-American the other largely Caucasian, have agreed to a “covenant of action” aimed at fostering joint mission and charity efforts.

Leaders from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia and New Era Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia agreed to the covenant, which became official earlier this month.

Frank Broome, executive coordinator with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia, told The Christian Post that the covenant of action had its roots in meetings between leaders of the two Baptist groups.

“I was basically meeting with their leadership. I would attend their meetings and bring greetings. They would attend my meetings and bring greetings,” said Broome. “But quite honestly, it was slow going. I was not able to really get what I would call something real substantive done.”

Broome explained to CP that things became more active a few years ago when former President Jimmy Carter started something called the “New Baptist Covenant.”

“The New Baptist Covenant movement marks a major turning point in the life of Baptists. Never before has such a diverse array of Baptists so enthusiastically come together to work for the expansion of God’s Kingdom on Earth,” explained the NBC’s website.

“All across the country, Baptists from different racial, theological, and geographic backgrounds have gathered to work side-by-side to care for the world that God so loved.”
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