Christian Post: Ronnie Floyd on Trump Meeting: ‘I Will Be Faithful to the Gospel’

Former Southern Baptist Convention president Ronnie Floyd said faithfulness to the gospel was a priority, and he will not endorse presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for president, after attending Trump’s highly anticipated meeting with over 900 evangelical leaders in New York City Tuesday.

In an attempt to win over the support of skeptical conservative pastors, activists and political leaders, a meeting between Trump and the nation’s most influential evangelical leaders was convened by the organizations United in Purpose and My Faith Votes to help the prominent evangelicals get to know Trump better.

In both large-group and small-group settings, Trump answered some of the most pressing questions that social conservatives have in regards to a Trump presidency and promised that he will appoint pro-life Supreme Court justices, protect religious freedom and even end a longstanding ban against church politicking.

Although some of the pastors in attendance came out of the meeting with a willingness to “champion Donald Trump,” Floyd, the pastor of Cross Church in Springdale, Arkansas, told The Christian Post that he will stay true to his vow not to endorse any candidate for president.

“I have said it all along, I have done it in writing and I have said it verbally — I am not planning to endorse any candidate for president,” Floyd said following the gathering. “My role today was to come and to learn and meet with him privately in a smaller group and with a bigger group and was able to articulate to him and voice to him the concerns of evangelicals.”

“I think it is incumbent on me as a spiritual leader when I am asked to do that with any candidate for president or anybody else,” Floyd continued. “I will be faithful to the gospel, faithful to the word of God and faithful about those issues that concern all of us in our generation.”

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