The Christian Post | The one question you MUST ask in times of crisis

This is not a time for simple, feel-good messages. These are serious times, and they call for serious action. This is a pandemic like we have never experienced in our lifetime. In fact, not only in our lifetime, but I am not aware of any time in history where between 1 1/2 billion to 2 billion people have been quarantined in 150 countries.

My purpose is not to rehash the information that you hear from the media all day long. My natural inclination — and I know that it is the natural inclination of all Bible-believing Christians — is to ask the question, “Lord, what are you teaching us? What is God teaching us in the middle of this crisis? In the middle of this global panic, what is God saying to His people? What are the lessons that He wants His people to learn from this?”

It is important that we ask questions in times of crisis, whether a personal crisis, a family crisis, a national crisis, or one like today’s global crisis. Wherever we are, whenever you get to a crisis, you must always ask the question, “God, what do you want to teach me?”

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