Christian Times | McLean Bible Church New Year’s 2017 party to attract nearly 1,000 people

Nearly 1,000 teenagers are expected to attend a youth-centered New Year’s Eve party hosted by Virginia megachurch McLean Bible Church this year. Titled “New Year’s Aid 2017,” the party aims to raise $25,000 to help families displaced by war and atrocities in the Middle East.

The McLean Bible Church has been hosting New Year’s Eve parties targeted at teenagers since 1994, with each event serving a charitable cause.

“Our fundraiser this year is in partnership with World Help to help refugees in the Middle East,” McLean Bible Church spokeswoman Jessica Pumphrey told The Christian Post, adding, “We encouraged our kids to take part in ‘The $80 Challenge.’ Our hope is to raise $25,000 to ship a World Help container full of needed supplies to families in Northern Iraq.”

Proceeds from megachurch’s New Year’s Eve parties in the past were used to help build orphanages and a multipurpose children’s center in Uganda and Dominican Republic, respectively, as well as provide 500,000 meals to poor residents in Somalia.
Last year, around 850 attendees and volunteers flocked to McLean Bible Church’s The Rock’s all-night New Year’s event.

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