Christian Times | Paula White responds to critics who labeled her a heretic

Paula White, who is slated to be one of six religious figures who will participate in Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, has responded to her critics who accused her of being a heretic.

White, the senior pastor at New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida, has received criticisms from the media and other conservative personalities after it was announced that she will be offering prayers and Bible readings at the inauguration ceremony on Jan. 20, The Christian Post reported.

An article from The Daily Beast referred to White as a “shady pastor” and pointed out that she became a subject of a Senate investigation in 2007 for her fundraising practices.

Conservative blogger Erick Erickson accused White of rejecting the Nicene Creed and called her a “trinity denying heretic.”

In response, White published a statement saying many of the reports that were published about her theology and personal life were false.

“I have been called a heretic, an apostate, an adulterer, a charlatan and an addict. It has been falsely reported that I once filed for bankruptcy and—my personal favorite—that I deny the Trinity!” White wrote.

White said that she hesitated to address the accusations, but she felt that she needed to respond because it could become a “potential distraction” to the inauguration ceremony.

“First of all, I believe and have always believed in the exclusivity and divinity of Jesus Christ, His saving grace and substitutionary atonement made available to all by His death on the cross,” the pastor wrote.

“I believe and have always believed He was buried and on the third day rose again. I believe and have always believed in the Holy Trinity,” she continued.

White maintained that she has always believed in the virgin birth as well as Christ’s second coming.

The pastor also denied that she has exclusively preached on the subject of prosperity. She pointed out that she had preached sermons about the lessons that she learned from the difficult times in her own life.

White, who was also criticized for her two divorces, admitted that she had made mistakes in the past. The church that she led with her second husband reportedly went bankrupt after her divorce in 2007. She is currently married to Jonathan Cain, the keyboard player for the band Journey and the co-writer of the hit song “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

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