Christian Today: Humanitarian warns of the ‘elimination’ of Christianity in the Middle East

More and more personalities are lending their voices to condemn the continuing persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

Among the most recognisable of these voices is United States Secretary of State John Kerry, who just recently recognised that the terror group Islamic State (ISIS) is committing mass genocide against Middle Eastern Christians.

“Daesh is responsible for genocide against groups in areas under its control, including Yazidis, Christians and Shia Muslims,” Kerry said, as quoted by CBN News.

Christian humanitarian Johnnie Moore meanwhile pointed out that the ISIS is threatening the existence of Christianity in the place where it originated.

“We’re witnessing a once in a 2,000-year crisis and it’s not an exaggeration to say that we can see the elimination of Christianity in the place of its birth,” Moore told CBN News.

He further urged Christians around the world to open their eyes to and publicly condemn the abuses being committed to their brothers and sisters in the Middle East.

“We’re blind again just like we were blind at the Holocaust, just like we were blind at the Rwandan genocide, the Bosnian genocide, the Armenian genocide, we’re not learning,” Moore said.

“But what’s even more shameful and despicable about this is we are the strongest community in the world as Christians and the Church isn’t even speaking up as it could,” he added.

Also speaking to CBN News, historian David Barton wondered why American Churches have mostly been silent about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

“The pulpits in America have largely been silent on this issue of their fellow brethren around the world,” Barton said.

“So you have 86 percent of American Christians saying we need to hear about this. We gotta be informed on it and pastors saying, ‘ummm don’t think I want to talk about that,'” he added.

Barton also stressed the fact that Christians in America need to take action to try to save fellow faithful in Middle Eastern nations.

“There’s this real dichotomy right now on persecution in American churches at least addressing the subject and certainly when you start addressing the subject then you’re more likely you’ll do something about it and that’s really what Christians in the Middle East need. They need outside help. They can’t save themselves. It’s going to take outside help,” the historian said.

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