Christian Today | What we can learn from Daniel about drawing unbelievers to God

It can be challenging for Christians to bring people closer to God these days. But the life of Daniel is a good example of how God can use us to do exactly that.

Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church has some words of encouragement on his website. Whenever Christians feel their faith is being tested by society, Warren suggests they remember the story of Daniel from the Bible.

“It’s tough sometimes to stand up for what you know God wants and expects when everyone else just scoffs. But when you do, you’ll draw unbelievers to God,” he said. “You see this in the life of Daniel. When Daniel bravely stood up for God and publicly prayed to the true God (instead of worshipping King Darius), he got tossed into a den of hungry lions. But as we’ve seen in recent devotionals, God rescued Daniel.”

Daniel’s bravery made King Darius take notice. In the end, the pagan king acknowledged that God is indeed the true God and even committed to follow Him, said Warren.

In the same vein, Christians of today can show bravery amidst trials in order to inspire non-believers to believe in God. Whether it be in the office, the gym, or the classroom, Warren guaranteed that “God-honoring courage” will always draw people to God.

Likewise, Warren said that God-like courage has the power to motivate fellow believers into strengthening their own faith. For this, Warren shared the story of Paul. Paul maintained his faith even during imprisonment. He shared on Philippians 1:14: “Most of the brothers in the Lord have gained confidence from my imprisonment and dare even more to speak the message fearlessly.”

Warren said courage is contagious, and believers of today will be surprised to discover “how many people will join you until you courageously step out in faith.”

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