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tonight’s all about faith, the right to worship right now. Thousands of christian men are gathered at at and t stadium in arlington, texas, for the promise keepers 2021 men’s conference. Promise keepers are in men’s ministry and nonprofit focused on spreading the message of christ. They’re known for their annual stadium events. But this year they have come under fire in an opinion article in usa today. Author argues that the group pushes lgbtq hate and the cowboys and at tnt should have cancelled the conference. Joining us now is one of the keynote speakers at this weekend’s event. He is the president of the national hispanic christian leadership conference pastor sam rodriguez. Pastor thanks so much for being with us tonight. I want to jump right in. You know, there’s a lot of these these groups out there and individuals that are saying. Christians there, anti lgbtq or anti gay and so forth. They’re going against chick fil a right now, for the same reasons. What do you say to that? How do you respond to those people? Right? Yes this is christian community is just so committed to this horrible, horrific agenda of love. Truth. Greece family hard work personal responsibility recognizing the image of god and every single human being in and out of the room. What a terrible agenda. Are you kidding me? This nation was founded on judeo christian value system. The vast majority of americans still self identify as christians. They have some sort of christian narrative in your world view. It’s the most redemptive reality and ideology on planet earth. Christianity yes, so the naysayers and the haters and the detractors? There’s an attempt to deconstruct america, including the foundational pillar of our judeo christian value system. I am grateful that we have thousands of men right now. Gathered in dallas, texas. Doing what lifting up the name that’s above every other name. The name of jesus. And pastor. You know, I want to ask you about this group about promise keepers. It was founded about three decades ago by bill mccartney, who was the legendary coach of the university of colorado. He left at the pinnacle of his coaching career to do this full time. Promise keepers. It was a big deal in 19 nineties kind of faded away and now seems to be coming back. Can you tell us about the resurgence of this organization and what it’s doing to make men better citizens, better husbands, better fathers. Precisely clearly state of sleep for such a time as this in the 19 nineties, arguably promise keepers was a primary conduit. Racial reconciliation. We find ourselves right now living in america that is divided once again politically on racial lines on ideological partisan lines, and here comes promise keeper. It seems that for whatever reason, the good lord anoint this ministry to bring people together. If you look right now into the stadium as I speak right now, you really can’t tell with the majority group. It’s african americans. It’s white people. It’s latino. It’s asian, multigenerational. Gathering coming together, believing that once again we can see an awakening in america, so I believe it’s the perfect time for the resurgence of this beautiful anointed god ordained minister. Pastor sam rodriguez. Enjoy this event and thank you so much for your time. Thank you for having me. Folks last night we told you about woke sharks tonight. The radical left is taking aim insects. Can you believe this guy right here? He’s racist will explain up next. Brought to you by magna life leg and back pain relief for pain related symptoms of sai attica. Tired of pain radiating down your leg and lower back get relief finally, with magna life leg and back pain relief and get living available at your local retailer. Do you have a dark garage that needs more light or one lonely balled up in your attic or down in the basement? That’s not so bright, finding your way as always a fight, introducing try burst from bell and howell, the new led triple panel socket flight. That’s crazy. Bright it will transform any area from dim to ultra bright and that’s all because of its 144 high intensity led bulbs try burst quickly screws into a standard light socket and the hinged panels can be set at any angle for directional light anywhere. You need it. This garage is using a 61 lightbulb. Now look at the same garage with try burst. It’s a night and day difference. Now your garage will always be brightly lit. When you get home. Just switch it on for a bright white light anywhere you’re. Closet can go from dark to beautiful and bright, even light up that shed in the dark of night, and it’s the best way to get around your attic without a flashlight. The secret is t one, not two, but three led panels with 144 bulbs that angle in any direction to deliver. Natural white ultra bright light where you need it most. A standard bulb can barely like this basement. It registers just 265 lumens, but watch simply screw in. Try burst for a huge 4000 lumens of