Daily Caller | Kanye, Chick-Fil-A Partner To Serve 300K Meals In LA During Coronavirus

Kanye West and Chick-fil-A partnered up with the Los Angeles Dream Center and to date have served 300,000 meals in the city during the coronavirus lockdown.

“Every morning I wake up and stand in the parking lot with our dedicated staff, I am blown away that day after day, week after week, there is enough food to provide to folks that need it,” Matthew Barnett, Dream Center co-founder, shared in a statement to Fox News in a piece published Monday.

“The Los Angeles Dream Center has transformed into the Grand Central Station of food distribution and other basic essentials,” he added. “I’m so grateful that our team has stayed healthy, and that we’ve found a safe way to meet the urgent needs within our community.”

Barnett continued, while sharing that he couldn’t “say thank you enough to the various donors who’ve made this a reality. This is what a neighborhood, a community, and a church should always look like.”

The co-founder said with support early on from the 42-year-old rapper, Chick-fil-A and other businesses have been able to provide 11,000 meals a day since mid-March.

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