Denver Post | What is in and what is out for 2017

People are saying 2016 was a miserable, maggot rot of a year. With the lies, the hacks, the deaths, the ugliness — but who needs it? Reality is OUT.

Why have “two Americas” when we each have our own personal Americas, handcrafted by clicks.

Block the offensive, block the politically correct, block your mom! Just don’t turn your screens off or you’ll miss the tattered threads of what still unites us: arguing about trivial yet life-or-death matters like what’s IN and what’s OUT.


Stress coloring … Rage rooms

Chip & Joanna … Martha & Snoop

Hillbilly Elegy … Hillbillies

Lies … Leaks

Camp David … Mar-a-Lago

Matcha … Turmeric

All Hadids … Yara Shahidi

Bragging about “Hamilton” tickets … Bragging about “Hello Dolly” tickets

Cuba … Taiwan

Pulling for the Cubs … Resenting the Cubs

Food trucks … Sidewalk carts

National Archives … Museum of the Bible


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