Deseret News: Amid changing cultural tides, Pastor Rick Warren launches plan to help churches

Famed megachurch Pastor Rick Warren is setting his sights on helping his fellow faith leaders steer their churches in the right direction, recently announcing that he will host the “Purpose-Driven Church Leadership Conference” later this month.

Warren, author of the bestselling book, “The Purpose-Driven Life,” recently discussed the conference, which will run from June 28-30, in a video posted to his Facebook page, pledging to speak about his struggles and failures to help other senior pastors navigate the potential pitfalls of ministry.

The event, which will unfold at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, promises to be “a unique and comprehensive learning experience that will be the catalytic force of renewal for you, your entire church, and the community around you,” with Warren previewing his advice for attendees.

“One of the keys to effectiveness — to keeping a church going — is to be fast, fluid and flexible,” Warren said. “You’ve got to be spontaneous, so that you can make changes when the spirit moves different ways.”

Recognizing that many churches are experiencing roadblocks when it comes to growth, Warren announced in the video that the “Purpose-Driven Church Leadership Conference” would be returning for the first time in 10 years — an initiative that he said took form following a spiritual prompting.

“God said to me recently, ‘I really want to focus on helping churches break through plateaus,'” the pastor explained.

The cost of the three-day event is $99, though some senior pastors will attend free of charge, as Warren ran a first-come, first-serve offer after an “anonymous donor” offered to pay the cost of select registrations.

In the end, he’s hoping to see the event transform churches.

“I’m going to share all of the mistakes I made and all of the stuff I had to learn the hard way,” Warren pledged.

Until this year, the pastor’s “Purpose-Driven Church” conferences — which have served 400,000 preachers in the past — were essentially on hold while Warren focused on the PEACE Plan effort over the past decade, a worldwide missions project, according to the Christian Post.

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